BEHRENS shines at the first TIME TO WATCHES in Geneva

On March 31st, 2022, the first new watch event "TIME TO WATCHES" opened in Geneva, Switzerland as scheduled. As the first Chinese watch brand to be invited to the show, BEHRENS made a dazzling appearance.

During the exhibition, BEHRENS' unique style concept was highly praised by people from all walks of life and attracted great attention. Many watch enthusiasts and industry professionals were amazed by the independent watchmaking creations from China, and were inundated with people to experience the products and discuss cooperation.


Trying on a Behrens watch at the Behrens Geneva exhibition


Trying on a Behrens watch at the Behrens Geneva exhibition

With its original design language and unique mechanical structure, BEHRENS interpreted the different understanding and expression of time from the East to watch lovers all over the world, and also showed the strength and connotation of Chinese manufacturing.

At this year's exhibition, BEHRENS not only presented many classic models, but also announced more information about the new "B027-PERILUNE Perigee" watch, which will be launched later this year, arousing great interest and eager anticipation from many watch lovers.