Konstantin Chaykin co-branded model 200 pieces(sold out)
$ 35,800.00
Konstantin Chaykin is a renowned Russian watchmaker and inventor who holds more than 60 patents for his inventions in the field of watchmaking. He was born in Russia in 1975 and made his first personal creation in 2003.

In 2010, Konstantin Chaykin joined the AHCI (Academy of Independent Watchmakers International), the only Russian member of the organization.

The creator of the most complicated clocks ever made in Russia, Konstantin Chaykin has invented more than 26 different timepieces and his timepieces have been the winners of several prestigious Russian and international competitions.

This is the first time that Konstantin Cherkin has collaborated with a Chinese watchmaking brand, so stay tuned.







The work continues the iconic design language of Konstantin-Chaykin's "Joker" collection. As the two large eyes representing the hours and minutes rotate, the dial shows a playful expression of the face, which is very impressive.
The watch also incorporates elements of traditional Chinese culture. Inspired by the "stone mill", a traditional Chinese production tool, Behrens has developed a new and unique mechanical movement system for this watch to indicate the movement of the seconds hand. When the second hand starts to move, it resembles an ancient farmer busy grinding, reflecting the hard work and wisdom of the Chinese.

The passion for mechanics and the shared pursuit of technological innovation have brought the two legendary watch brands together in a clash of mechanical passions.

Base movement:SW200

Year of production:2022

Case material:Titanium Ice crystal

Case diameter:42mm

Water resistance:5 BAR

Reference number:BHR028

Bracelet material:Fluoroelastomer

Crystal:Sapphire crystal

Functions:Hours, minutes, seconds

Clasp material:Titanium Ice crystal

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